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Pandora's Box

Sexually Expressive Woman

A liberated woman with sexual experience allows herself to be turned on and she can handle sexual innuendo, sexual language, and a powerful physical touch that suggests sex. She has sexual memories that can be easily triggered. She acts on her physical triggers and makes out.

Sexually Reserved Woman

An inexperienced or reserved woman can respond to sexual language by recoiling. If inexperienced, sexual language does not have a place to trigger images and thoughts that she is comfortable with. Sex may be repressed until she feels completely safe with a man. If confident but reserved, she’ll think you’re a player and not serious.

Social Butterfly - Dates a lot, playing around for now, making out with the guys she’s dating. No hang ups about sex. Looking for the ideal husband, but having fun and having sex now.
Playette - Can lead men on and be a tease. Lots of guy friends who’d all like to sleep with her and she’s having sex with none of them. Will only sleep with a guy that’s got long-term relationship potential. She always has guy friends as back up. Fun and fun only UNLESS TAMED, then very loyal to one guy.
Seductress – Get her to chase you. Actively pursues what she wants in her career and in the bedroom. Go-getter. Fun to date. Can teach you a lot. Sets her sights on something goes for it. Often older with experience. [Cougar?] Hopeful Romantic – Holds everything back waiting for the perfect man. Wants you to demonstrate to that you have potential to be perfect (she probably wants to improve and fix you, too). She joins a work in progress to work on you.
Cinderella - Falls in love quickly and has sex quickly, wants to be shown romance. Hopes she finally has found Mr. Right. If you don’t satisfy her Mr. Right needs, she’s gone. She’s a challenge and you must reinforce her image of a femininity to end her cycle and save her pain. Private Dancer - Very particular. Unique since she gets physical when you can contribute to her – career, knowledge, etc. Will open up completely, very loyal. She doesn’t talk about it in a public way. Secret rendezvous; maybe she has something to lose possibly in her career.
Modern Woman – She wants ONE guy. Will date to find him and be sexually active. Knows the value of a functional relationship and will invest heavily in a guy if she feels you can contribute to each other’s lives. More sexually open than Connoisseur. You can become intimate faster, develop a relationship sooner.
Connoisseur - Very selective. Screens out “players.” Thinks Long term. Powerful and self-sufficient and can support a man in many ways. If she senses short term, she will not get intimate with you, she wants long-term. Ideal for a career-driven man looking for a woman where you can improve each other’s lives together. Worth the wait.

Note from Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist®:

As you can see from all the eight types of women that Vin DiCarlo identifies they all want ONE guy, Mr. Right, a Perfect Man, and Ideal Husband, or a Long-Term Relationship. To open Pandora's box and fill her love bucket, Vin recommends knowing her type.

This is probably not a huge surprise.

The question is what do you want? (apart from sex)

The two most popular questions that are asked in an initial encounter are:

1) Where do you live?

2) What do you do (for a living)?

There are three other questiosn that Vin talks about in Pandora's box and these have to do with:

1) Her Time line

2) Her Sex line

3) Her Relationship line

It has to do with her current identity and her future identity. These perceptions are all part of opening Pandora's box to get in a position to fill her love bucket.

The real dating questions revolve around the two big “elimination” questions:

1) PHASE of LIFE: Are you in the “lets play and have fun” or “let’s settle down” phase. These are not mutually exclusive but one is the prime motivator. Which is it? The 8 types of Pandora's Box Women fall into one of these two phases.

2) KIDS: Where do you stand with kids? Do you have kids, do you want kids, does she have kids, or does she want kids. The 8 types of Pandora's Box Women take one of these stands on kids.

The answer is simply about being clear and honest with yourself. Clarity in what you want in dating whether it is dating for fun or dating to get into a serious relationship. Be clear YOURSELF on the two elimination questions. Know what you want out of your phase. If you just want to play and have fun and you start dating a woman who wants to settle down and have kids you are not acting in integrity with either of your best interests.

If you’ve figured out her “type” as Vin describes, can you meet her in both PHASE and KIDS. That’s were your integrity lies.

A MASTERMAN would determine the answer to the elimination questions upfront so he can act in integrity when he is dating. Remember the dating experience is for the highest good for all involved. If you don’t have clarity you’ll be wasting your time and her time.

Now about TIME: Time is an investment. As you get older, time is more in the forefront of the mind of men and women. When you date over thirty you realize that you are investing your time (and possibly your money) into the date or several dates that may lead to a relationship.

For women, what is the TIME INVESTMENT? Men need to understand and value the two very essential capital investments that a woman brings to the dating game.

1) A woman is investing HER LOOKS.

2) A woman is investing HER FERTILITY.

Both LOOKS and FERTILITY have an expiration “shelf life.”

That is why it is so important to be clear upfront with what you want while dating as dating can lead to a relationship. If you date and she wants a commitment and kids you are spending her fertility. Over 35 it is much more serious. Enough said.

Even with LOOKS. If she wants a serious relationship, with or without kids, and the guy is spending her looks because he has no intention giving her a commitment even though you may be serious and exclusive, you are spending her looks. When a guy is “done” she is now older, has another wrinkle, and the guy is off to a younger woman. You are draining her love bucket, not filling it.

Her LOOKS helped attract you to her. Spending her looks when she is young is not that big a deal. If you spend her looks over 35 you’ve got to keep the timeline in check past three months of dating.

If you have are not conscious or aware of the expiration date of these two capital investments that women bring, you become part of the angry conversation that women have about men.

So how should you BE (as a man) when dating?


Here’s the MASTERMAN definition: A man who exudes mastery and integrity because he has self-discipline, confidence, clarity of purpose on a daily basis, and strategic direction of his life. Women are extremely attracted to a masterman (think Rockstar), young boys clamor to be lead by a masterman, and peers seek the counsel of a masterman often in the context of a mastermind group.

A MASTERMAN has mastered the art of initiative and positively contributes and participates in the lives of others.

A MASTERMAN is a success in all aspects of his life.

Again, a MASTERMAN would determine the answer to the elimination questions upfront so he can act in integrity when he is dating.

A MASTERMAN does not need validation or approval of women.

A MASTERMAN has other strong men in his life in a group or BROTHERHOOD of MASTERMAN that keep each other in check, activate friendly competition, and challenge each other to rise to their greatness and potential.

But, you're on this page because you want open Pandora's Box (even though being a Masterman will certainly help you in your quest)... so here's the lowdown:

Vin is going to show you the 8 interview videos form each of the 8 types of women described in Pandora's Box. He's going to let you watch all 8 interviews over the course of eight months. For the first interview he's going to give you two weeks to preview. Each interview is $97 and you'll watch a new one every month.

Once you watch these videos, you'll have the ammo you need to successfully meet and seduce any woman, anywhere, without any anxiety what-so-ever.  

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